interactive remote club 

 demonstrations (IRDs) 


  • Fees vary depending on length of demo and the number of clubs tuning in to watch, so please contact me via the button above for more info! 

  • Choose from a number of demonstrations including: my signature hanging ornament project (spindle/finial turning); a freestanding LED lamp (cross-grain and spindle turning); a traditionally made carver's mallet (cross-grain and spindle turning); free-hand turning a resin/burr hybrid sphere; turning and hand carving a cupcake box; turning and hand carving a pumpkin box, and more

  • Once the demo is finished, an edited recording will be made available a few days after the demo (to give me time to edit), along with an info sheet detailing tools and equipment used and useful links. This will be emailed out for the club to distribute amongst its members and the video will remain accessible for 1 month

  • All members who attend will be given a one-time use discount code to use in my online shop, on any and all items available on there (with the exception of my handmade items and postage)


I will now attempt clarify a few things:

"Do additional clubs have to pay additional fees if joining in the same demo?"


  • Yes they do. The reasoning behind this is simple. As turners who make their living by providing demonstrations, we are essentially losing the possibility of booking separately for the additional club. This may sound like greed, but it is actually about fairness. If we were to provide a demonstration for 3 clubs in 1, we are demonstrating for less than £67 per club, which is almost a tenth of what could have been earned if booked individually

  • Most clubs are already making a large saving on travel costs and accommodation, therefore we are just trying to remain fair about the whole situation, which is why, for now, the majority of remote demonstrators are taking this route. It is a compromise which is fair each way

  • This way, the clubs are still making a saving, and we are still able to earn a living


"Does the demo have to be veiwed at the club venue?"


  • Not at all! The demo can be viewed absolutely anywhere. All that is required is an internet connection and the Zoom app*. The club will be provided with a link to my demo, which can then be emailed out to qualifying members (this is up to clubs whether or not they charge members for the demo), and a password to join

  • All we ask is that clubs ask members to be honest and keep the link and password to themselves and not share it about to friends etc so they can watch for 'free'. This is unfair on other members, and unfair on the demonstrator


PLEASE NOTE: The club DOES NOT need to pay ANY FEES to Zoom - all demonstrators cover this cost and will act as meeting host with one or two nominated club members acting as co-hosts in order to help manage the meeting and act as moderators

"What technology is required to watch the demo?"

  • As long as the club, or individuals (if viewing from home) have an internet connection, you will be able to view the demonstration - providing you have been given the link and password to join

  • If the club or individual wishes to take part fully in the interactive element of the demonstrations, you will require a webcam (or built-in camera such as those on a phone or tablet, and most laptops) and a microphone (again often built-in on many devices) in order to be seen and heard

  • However, even without a camera or microphone, you will still be able to watch the demo, and interact through the chat area in Zoom


PLEASE NOTE: the additional fee for additional clubs is subject to change. Myself and some of the other remote demonstrators will keep reviewing this as appropriate, so we are all more or less on the same level and maintaining our pricing is as fair as possible for all involved.

Any questions, please get in touch! 


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I'm happy extremely happy to officially announce I'm taking booking for Interactive Remote Demonstrations (IRDs) for woodturning clubs in the UK, America and beyond!