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You are purchasing a DIY bauble kit meant for creating your own hand-turned baubles for gifts or personal use. The glass baubles/globes in these sets are SECONDS, therefore have imperfections in them.


The kit includes:
5 × hand-blown 8cm iridescent glass baubles SECONDS (see below*)
5 × sets of 20 micro LED lights on a 2m string
10 × CR2032 batteries (in the lights)

5 x hanging ribbons

*These baubles are 'seconds', meaning they have any of a variety of flaws in them to varying degrees. They might be slightly mis-formed; have blemishes in the glass; slight scratch marks, or grey marks from the forming process embedded within the glass.


They will not be individually packaged - they will come in their original packaging of a set of 5.


Due to them being classed as seconds, I will not accept returns or give refunds for these kits: unless they have arrived damaged in the post.


PLEASE NOTE: there are no turned parts; timber blanks or adhesives supplied with the kits


Postage is £3.45 second class via Royal Mail for between 5 and 10 kits (1 or 2 packs of 5). More than 10 (2 packs) will require an additional postage charge of £3.45


Happy turning!!

Emma - The Tiny Turner

'Wonky' DIY Bauble Kits (x5) for Woodturners

light option 1
light option 2
light option 3
light option 4
light option 5
  • The kit includes:

    5 × hand-blown 8cm iridescent glass baubles (which are SECONDS)

    5 × sets of 20 micro LED lights on 2m string of wire)

    10 × CR2032 batteries

    5 x hanging ribbons