As a traditionally trained wood carver, working under the guidance of Michael Painter, I often find people asking me the same key questions at various shows and demonstrations I have attended whislt I have been working on a piece of carved work.


Originally, this booklet was concieved to be handed out to my full day carving courses I ran back in 2018, but with the above in mind, I decided to make it more generalised so anyone thinking about starting carving could have a basic guide to follow, covering: chisel terminology and types; chisel selection; sharpening with both a powered sharpener and by hand using a diamond whetstone; using a carver's mallet; and making cuts in timber.


This downloadable and printable version is in PDF form. It is SOLELY for use by the person purchasing the file, and should not be transferred to anyone else.




This booklet is Copyright © 2018 Emma Cook, The Tiny Turner ®. All rights reserved.

Traditional Wood Carving: A Basic Guide - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

  • This booklet is in PDF format

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