Emma Cook - The Tiny Turner - in collaboration with James Barry Sharpening have put together a kit suitable to cover your basic needs for sharpening both chisels and knives.


The reason behind this kit is to keep costs at a minimum, whilst providing you with good quality sharpening equipment.


The kit consists of:

1 x 8" by 3" Monocrystalline Diamond Whetstone* 

1 x Set of 4 Diamond Needle Files

1 x Handmade 8" by 3" Double-Sided Leath Strop (for stropping/honing)

1 x 100ml Bottle of Lapping Fluid

1 x Tub of Mirror Paste (for honing)

1 x Piece of Anit-Slip Router Matting 

1 x Tiny Turner Pencil


James Barry developed his diamond whetstones to be of the highest quality. They are monocrystalline - which are far superior to their cheaper, polycrstalline counterparts; and they are electroplated to their base block (which is produced to be as flat as possible) instead of being impregnated/glued on.


Both of these considerations give these diamond whetstones an enormous longevity advangate over cheaper alternatives. If you look after your stone it should last you a lifetime.


These diamond whetstones come with a 5 year guarantee as standard as long as they are used with lapping fluid to lubricate the chisels being sharpened, and not oil or water.


Delux Professional Chisel/Knife Sharpening & Honing Kit


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