Safety Cloth is a thick, non-woven paper cloth and I use it to apply the vast majority of my finishes.


Safety Cloth is designed to stay wet longer (i.e. it is not very absorbant in comparison to kitchen towel), therefore it assists the transfer of finishes to your chosen surface. It also tears very easily if it gets caught in revolving parts thus avoiding the calamity of damaging your work; or even worse: the danger of fingers being dragged into machinery.


The texture of Safety Cloth ensures that a thin, even coat is applied and the thickness means that it retains it’s strength and the same piece can be used several times with the same finish.


Safety Cloth is not a replacement for common sense and good safety practise.


This pack contains 10 sheets of Safety Cloth which measure 35cm x 35cm. I tend to cut each sheet into 8 pieces, giving you 80 useable pieces for this fantastic price!

Chestnut Products - Safety Cloth - 10 Pack

  • Postage is £1.50 Second Class via Royal Mail per pack

    The pack is sent in a large envelope.

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