These spray triggers are designed to deliver a far more controlled application of the contents of the aerosol, without getting spray all over your fingers!


To apply the spray trigger to the aerosol, simply remove the aerosol cap, LEAVE the spray nozzle on the can, and push the spray trigger onto the can directly from above. If you try to push it on using the open end of the spray trigger, it will apply excessive pressure to the plastic and can cause it to crack.


DO NOT try to apply these spray triggers when the are cold, as again it can cause the plastic to crack as it is more brittle when cold!!!


The best way to use these is to keep them permanently attached to the aerosol can you wish to use them with - constantly taking them on and off has the chance of breaking the plastic where it attaches to the aerosol.


Once the can is emptied, you can then carefully remove the spray trigger for use on another aerosol by warming the plastic with your hands, and carefully working the open end of the spray trigger off the aerosol.

Aerosol Spray Trigger

  • Postage is £3.75 Second Class via Royal Mail

    The brush is sent in a padded, fully recyclable/compostable/biodegradable Jiffy bag, unless ordered with other items

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